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The Prix Lions


The purpose of the Lions award Prix Lions, founded in 1971, is to honour an original work in the field of :

  • legal, political, economic and administrative sciences ;
  • medical and biological sciences ;
  • social sciences, history, philosophy, linguistics and aesthetics;mathematical, physical and chemical sciences.

The prize is awarded in principle every year.
Consideration will be given to all original works that :

  • are of theoretical or practical interest to Luxembourg and
  • that have not already won an award elsewhere.

The Prix Lions is judged by a panel consisting of the current District Governor and a delegate from each club.
The members are delegated by each of the clubs in the country and the governor appoints a spokesperson from among them to coordinate the activities of the jury.

The history of the Prix Lions

The creation of the Prix Lions took place at a time when the steel industry and the industries located in Luxembourg were booming and producing resources that led to a standard of living never before achieved in this country. Did the founders of the Prix Lions foresee the decline that was to come some ten years later? In any case, they understood that Luxembourgers had to adapt even more quickly to the changes taking place in all areas of Europe. They were trying to combat the mentality of many Luxembourgers who were fond of security and comfort, and shunned any risk. In view of the demographic decline and the very slow integration of foreigners into our society, they even wondered whether the Luxembourg nation was not on the verge of 'extinction'.

In response to this situation, and conscious of its responsibilities but also of its influence, the Lions District 113, under the impetus of Aloyse Weirich among others, founded the Prix Lions, which later in 1980 was endowed with a sum of money to be given to the winner of the award. Although this amount is relatively significant, it is not the essential element of the prize. The jury's task is to ensure, as far as possible, that the winner's work results in a practical project and that the attention of the country's political and economic authorities is drawn to the merits of the winner's work and, if necessary, that they support his or her efforts.

In order to give a solemn character to the awarding of the prize, it takes place within the framework of an academic session which allows, in the presence of the whole press, to expose to a large public the works awarded by the prize.

How is the Lions Award awarded? Based on their personal information and that obtained by their own club members, each of the 16 jury members nominates one or two candidates. The candidates are then checked to ensure that they meet the criteria set out in the Lions Award Regulations. After intensive discussions within the jury and, if necessary, a vote, the winner is chosen. If a suitable candidate could not be selected, the prize is not awarded.

Source: Text by Jean Klees, published in the book Lions Clubs District 113, 25. Anniversaire, October 1992.


Award ceremony
Prix Lions 2022
handed over to the ONG
"Le soleil dans la main"

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