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Medical beds sent to Zaporizhzhia hospital

Thanks to excellent collaboration between several Luxembourg players, 40 medical beds were delivered to Ukraine on 17 July.

The CHL (Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg), the CIPA Gréngewald in Niederanven and the INCCI (Institut National de Chirurgie Cardiaque et de Cardiologie Interventionnelle) generously donated second-hand medical equipment, mainly beds and mattresses. This equipment was provided by Lions Club Luxembourg Xenium with the support of Fondation Lions Luxembourg, Lions Club Roude Leiw and ASBL LUkraine.

The 40 beds and 50 medical mattresses were transported (in record time - 1 week) to the regional public hospital for infectious diseases in Zaporizhzhia. This town, which alone has as many inhabitants as the whole of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and is located 60km from the front line, is seeing an influx of refugees and wounded civilians. These beds will enable the hospital to care for children suffering from serious physical and psychological injuries, which unfortunately are often permanent.

The Xenium Lions Club would like to thank the donors and volunteers who took part in the activities at the various sites.

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