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on cancer prevention, screening and treatment by :

the card game "Keng Chance fir de Kriibs" which was realized in collaboration with Mr. Jacques Grigioni and the caricatures drawn by the artist Roger Leiner. It is a card game in the style of the "7 families game" which informs in a playful way about cancer based on the campaign "Europe against Cancer". The game is targeted at children between 10 and 12 years old. The game has been distributed, among others, to schools thanks to the active support of the Ministry of Education. The game was also distributed in collaboration with Action Télévie.

the Glooby CD-ROM with information on cancer and leukemia of children in particular translated into Luxembourgish by Mrs. Jacqui Zimmer and which serves as an information support for children with cancer on the one hand and friends and family of these children on the other hand. Cancer and leukemia are often misunderstood diseases and our CD-ROM provides answers to questions that young and old alike have. This game was made in collaboration with the non-profit organization. "Een Haerz fir kriibskrank Kanner".

the "LIONS-Tuten" (eco-bags) which is an information and cancer prevention initiative based on the basic ideas of the "Europe against Cancer" campaign of the WHO. The reusable bags were decorated by the cartoonist Carlo Schneider and remind of simple measures for cancer prevention. 1,500 bags have already been sold and a second edition is planned for early 2020.

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