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The winners of the Prix Lions since its foundation in 1971

Year Winner Subject
1971 Adrien Ries † for: Future economy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
1976 Dr. Arsène Betz † for: New Pygmalions at the Edge of Human Genetics
1980 Interaction Faubourg Community-based social work in the Grund
1981 Gilbert Trausch † for his research in historical sciences
1983 Marcel Engel †
André Hohengarten
Paul Spang
for: "Hinzert"

for: "Von der Zauberflöte bis zum Standgericht"
1984 Alex Mullenbach for his work as a composer and pianist
1985 Dolphe Kutter for: "La phénylcétonurie, une maladie mentale"
1987 Alfred Steinmetzer †
Georges Calteux
for their activities in the field of national heritage
1988 Dr. Mario Dicato for his work in the field of cancer and blood
1989 Roland Gaul for: "Battle of the Bulge 1944-45", Section in the Diekirch Museum
1990 Ligue Luxembourgeoise d'hygiène mentale
Dr. Roger Thilges, président
for their work in the field of mental hygiene
1991 Dr. Paul Groff et son équipe du
Laboratoire National de Santé
for their work in research and screening for inherited haemoglobin defects
1992 AFO-Films Maisy Hausemer,
Georges Fautsch et Paul Scheuer
Andy Bausch
Menn Bodson et Gast Rollinger
for their pioneering work in the field of Luxembourg film
1994 Frank Hoffmann, metteur en scène,  for his commitment and creativity in the field of theatre
1995 Claude Frisoni, coordinateur général de "Luxembourg-ville européenne de la culture 1995" for his exceptional commitment to the promotion of culture in Luxembourg
1996 CLUDEM,Centre Luxembourgeois de Documentation et d'Etudes médiévales
Jean Schroeder, Aloyse Estgen, Michel Margue, Michel Pauly,
Michel Polfer, Henri Trauffler
for his research work in the field of Luxembourg medieval history.
1997 Claude Lenners for his work in contemporary music composition
1998 Dr. Nelly Kieffer in recognition of his research work
2000 Germaine Goetzinger, écrivain researcher and ardent defender of our written heritage
2001 Jean-Paul Lehners for his commitment to human dignity
2002 Dr. Michel Goedert for his research on neurodegenerative diseases
2004 Joseph Hilger for his personal dedication and long-term commitment to the fight against leprosy
2005 Tom Schlechter for his deep personal commitment to the development and implementation of innovative and humanitarian projects for drug users in need
2006 John Flick † for his catalytic role in favour of research in the fields of earth sciences, perpetuated by the activities of the European Centre for Geodynamics and Seismology
2007 Dr. Marc Diederich for his commitment to research into cancer and blood diseases
2008 Dr. Pierre Gallego for his commitment to marine mammal research and conservation, as well as for its contribution to the discovery of the marine environment by younger generations
2009 Serge Kollwelter for his social and human commitment to our foreign fellow citizens
2010 Dr. Jean-Luc Lehners for his theoretical work in the field of modern cosmology and for his commitment to educating young people about the great mysteries of physics
2011 Jonk Fuerscher Lëtzebuerg asbl for his activities dedicated to raising awareness and introducing young people to research
2012 Asbl Päerd's Atelier for its project "Liewenshaff" and its activities as a socio-educational centre for young people with behavioural problems
2013 Stëmm vun der Strooss for its commitment to the social and professional integration of disadvantaged people in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
2014 Wäertvollt Liewen asbl for its exemplary commitment to people living with rare diseases
2015 Tessy Fautsch for her exemplary humanitarian commitment
2016 Camille Kerger for his work as a Luxembourg composer and his important and eclectic contribution to Luxembourg musical life
2017 Federico Colavitti Youth Prix Lions Award for his football project for the telethon
2018 Chantal Keller Association Blëtz a.s.b.l. which works in favour of people who have suffered a cerebral vascular accident
2019 André Jung to honour his life's work and merits as a prominent representative of Luxembourg abroad
2020 Pr. Dr. Alain KOHL  for his pioneering work in modern virology in general and arbovirology in particular
2021 Joseph Rodesch for his merits in the popularisation of scientific phenomena and the involvement of young people in his practical work, as well as for his facility in communicating scientific mechanisms
2022 ONG Le Soleil dans la main for the perseverance of his humanitarian, educational and social actions in Burkina-Faso and for his approach to sensitising society to altruistic mutual aid
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