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Social Actions for a good cause

Lions Club Luxembourg Europe donates 20,000 euros to four associations

Recently, the LIONS CLUB LUXEMBOURG - EUROPE has handed over checks totaling € 20,000 to 4 associations as a result of its "actions sociales" during the 2021/2022 official year.

Past-President Jos KIEFFER could hand over 5.000 € to Mrs. Diane WOLTER, President of the Fondation CBM Luxembourg. The still young Fondatioun CBM is mainly active in Madagascar, Angola and Laos, and has set itself the goal of improving the care of eye diseases affecting children, among others through the construction of eye health centers and by promoting the training of ophthalmologists on site (

5.000 € went to the organization Theresia's Orphans and Vulnerable Children Foundation Namibia, with which the LIONS Club Luxembourg Europe has excellent relations for many years. This project, led by a Luxembourger who lives and works in Namibia, supports children who have lost their parents or parents who no longer care for their children. The goal is to enable the children to live independently without financial support from abroad. (

5.000 € have also gone to Dr. Georges Kratzenberg and his association "Un sourire pour l'Equateur a.s.b.l.". went. This project aims to give people in one of the poorest countries in South America access to dental care. It is also about explaining to the people the elementary dental hygiene and also to train dentists and to provide them with material (

5.000 € went to the project "Lions Club Luxembourg Academic Refugee Fund" to provide a "Bourse universitaire complémentaire" for students who have received the status of recognized refugee and are studying at the The project is managed in collaboration with the University and it is also the University that selects the students and supervises their work.

André Majerus
via mywort

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